Feb 20, 2013

Workout Wednesday

It's workout Wednesday time! I have to admit that I have been pretty bad this past week. Valentine's Day and a chilly weekend led to one too many cupcakes and glasses of wine.  But, I'm human and that happens right?  It just makes me want to do better!  There are so many healthy recipes I want to try and new workouts I want to do.  I just need a few more hours in the day...

Today I am getting back on track in a big way, starting with my iPhone.  What is that you say?  That handy little device I use for absolutelyeverythinginmylife is perfect for my healthy lifestyle goals! I am an app addict and here are some of my favorites for trying to reach my goals:

My Fitness Pal
I use this to track my food intake (calories in) and workouts (calories burned.)  It can be a pretty harsh reality seeing how many calories are actually in what you are eating and how little you can burn during certain workouts.  I'm not going to lie, it is not easy to track every little thing you eat, but it can REALLY make a difference in losing weight.  Note to self, back on this today!

Pocket Yoga
I love, love, LOVE this app.  I rarely have time to take a yoga class at a studio because I'm always too tired to work out after Josh gets home at night and the ones offered at my gym are pretty blah.  This has tons of poses and workouts preloaded with background music.  Avery loves to do this with me.  Yogis, get it!

As you know, I'm attempting to get better at weights.  When you don't know anything about weight exercises and don't want to ask strangers at the gym (awkward) you can whip out this app on your iPhone which is already playing your get pumped up jams.  Because that is what I have been doing.  This shows you how to do specific exercises and is perfect for the picture learners (me.)  Download it you will feel the burn!

 Map My Run
This is my absolute favorite.  I used this daily until Novemberish for walks and runs.  I love seeing my mileage and pace and it is like bringing the treadmill with you.  This is so awesome and I can't tell you enough how motivating it is to see how far and fast you are going!

Lululemon has so many fun new things right now.  They're all so springy and have me itching to be outside running and going for walks. Here are three of my favorites...

Want them all.  Don't cute workout clothes mean you're more motivated?  In my book, yes!  Ok, time to hit the gym dolls!

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