Feb 27, 2013

Workout Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!  I am SORE today!  This weekend I worked out with my awesome, in amazing shape friend Kate.  You can follow her love lessons and fitness adventures, and trust me you want to because you will laugh, learn and be inspired.  I wish for the day she opens her own gym/becomes a personal trainer because you will all be sprinting to workout with her.  She is patient, understanding, and not high pressure.  And one not super long workout with her kicked my butt and left me with enough knowledge to do a lot on my own.  I have worked with trainers before and never come away with so much.  A few thing I have done this week...

I have started trying to be better at wearing my heart rate monitor.  It tells you how many calories you burn based on a monitor attached to a chest strap.  I find it a lot more trust worthy and eye opening than anything else.  

Writing it down! Kate did this for me and it is a new challenge! I am so old school and love writing things down.  I just have to actually do this at the gym.  There is the REAL challenge!

I'm now obsessed with this protein powder thanks to my handy friend Kate.  It tastes like actual cookies and cream and is only 130 calories.  New favorite snack!

Finally, she recommended this book to me.  I am flying through it.  It's a lot of science, but it all makes sense.  

Maybe I can quit my cardio junkie status?  Not sure, but I am definitely giving it a try!

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  1. Cardio free workout?! How is that even possible? I'd love to read that book too!!


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