Mar 1, 2013

Fashion Friday

It's Friday gals!  Thank goodness because Friday means a weekend in the sun and sand for me and  girlfriends!  I will give you all the deets next week ;)  Speaking of a weekend on the beach, have you heard about Perini Bikinis?  A KKG sister of mine filled me in and ladies, you MUST check them out! In short, this is a line of swimwear that is mostly mix and matchable and reversible.  No joke.  It's like four swimsuits in each one.  As I am packing for my trip I am forcing myself to only bring one bathing suit to save room. So boring.  I plan on spending most of the summer at the beach and this would make me life about 156 times more easy. I need a Perini!

Want them all.  I love the navy and pink and I ADORE the Lauren hot pink swing top.  It also makes me want to hit the gym harder (never a bad thing.)  The line is all made near the beach in Montauk! Annie Perini, the owner and designer is also super sweet! But... my favorite part is that Perini bikinis loves pink (happy dance!)

You can help get the line backed and receive a gift and catalogue of swimwear here.  
*I was not compensated for this.  I really like this swimwear!

I have no cute outfits this week.  I have barely been able to make it out of workout clothes because I am so.over.winter. And went crazy and got rid of all the clothes in my closet.

Case in point - baggy shirt.  I love them baggy.  Ugh. So over winter. Cannot wait for warm weather clothes again!  Please excuse the mess created by my dog and children.  I'm off to sunny Florida for a few days to get mu self back together so I can come home and tackle my mess of a house, my clothes and my ability to form complete sentences once more.  And clean that mirror which is covered in kisses as soon as I do.

Happy {warm} weekend!


  1. I hope you pick up one of those bikinis! They are so cute! I am so over winter also- I just need spring/summer to get here and soon


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