Mar 15, 2013


I'm so excited it is Friday!  I have been so off this week and there is nothing like a good weekend to reset!  This was one of those week's where I basically didn't make it out of work out clothes the whole week (shamesies) BUT our house is getting very clean!  Avery is still fighting her cold, Greyson is teething and our dog went on a puking spree so that might sum it up a little better... ANYWAY...

I needed new shampoo and conditioner and since I love the It's a 10 Miracle Spray I thought I would try their S&C.  I am so glad I did, because I LOVE it! It smells great and my hair dries faster and without frizz! I haven't blow dried at all this week and my natural curls like about 59 times less messy than they typically do.  Win!

I picked up this Simpatico Hobnail Candle in Creme Fresh for our master bathroom and I can't stop burning it.  It smells like a little slice of heaven drenched in milk. The scent is light and delicious and very un-overpowering (is that a word?) I need want to stock up! 

I decided it was time to branch out from my Trish McEvoy/Mac/Chantecaille makeup and tried a couple new Nars products.  I got Orgasm blush (I am the last person in the world to) and Dolce Vita lip stick.  Both are awesome! I am blush timid because I have naturally red cheeks but this is such a flattering color and doesn't come out at all like you would think.  Their lipstick is sheer and long lasting and is helping me kick my chap stick addiction.  I highly recommend!

I wore a very cowgirl-esque outfit the other day.  I'm trying to get all the wear out of my booties I can before I have to pack them away for the warm weather.

Our Tassimo bit the dust after three years and I do not want to replace her (yes, she was a she. RIP.) with a Keurig.  I am just not a Keurig fan, and I want my espresso bevies.  I have been eyeing up the Nespresso's.  Anyone have one or another machine they like? Please share!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Happy, Happy Friday, Lindsay!!! :)

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  3. I needed a new shampoo/conditioner rec! We seem to like a lot of the same thing so I'm going to have to look for this! Hope you had a great weekend!

    1. I love this! I definitely would recommend the Keratin added kind because it has definitely cut down on my drying time (which I have about zero of these days!) You should also try their Miracle Spray. It is AMAZING!


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