Mar 21, 2013

Handbag Organization

I love to organize everything, including my handbag... and gym bag, and diaper bag, but those are different stories for another day.  Today it is all about the handbag.  I try to go through it at the end of every week and throw out any trash, lots of accumulated goldfish crumbs, etc.  I just got this adorable Kate Spade bag on super sale (I can't find it on the site anymore though.)

I'm all about the hands free thing these days.  I need my hands available for children, dogs and diaper bags.  As I was filling her up today, I thought I would share my bag organization style, and also because I am super nosy and love when other people share what's in their bags.

I always have my wallet (obviously), a small Vera Bradley card case with cards that don't fit into my wallet, baby wipes (great for a million things), sunnies, two Baggu bags (never know when you will need a reusable bag!) and my cosmetics bag.

I use the term cosmetics bag loosely.  It is really a mish mosh of lip glosses, a pen, hand sanitizer, hair bands, mints, cuticle cream (we go on a lot of long car trips and this is amusing) and a small mirror.

I tend to pick things that are square shaped on purpose so I can arrange them in my bag like a puzzle.  I am so OCD, but it makes me so happy looking in!

How do you organize your bag? What do you have to have in it?  Please tell me you all are as nosy as I am!


  1. I LOVE seeing what people have in their handbags!! I might have to do this too! Mine is a total disaster right now- I'm trying to use a handheld bag right now and I just need to realize that those don't work for me and I need a shoulder strap so I need to switch back.

    1. Oh girl you are going to be switching to the diaper bag so soon! Do it! I am so nosy about what people have in their bags!!

  2. LOVE your bag!!! So stylish and functional!

    Just found your cute blog!


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