Mar 14, 2013

Organization: Inspired

I thought it would be good to take a break and share some of my latest organization pins.  Pinterest has been feeding me amazing ideas that I am trying to implement everywhere in our house all at once.  Clearly, I am not going about this in the right way so I am trying to take a step back and regroup (whilst sipping some vino perhaps.)  However, I still want all of these things to happen (right now.) Without further ado...

I happen to have an extra one of these fruit baskets looking for a good home.  Looks like it will be heading up to our office!

I think actual scrap books can be cheesy or ugly sometimes and I love the idea of making your own!

I adore shoe holders and their zillions of uses!

I have way too many of these shelving units in our house (love you Ikea Expedit) and I love, love, love the labels!

Paci storage. Bam.

I love Lazy Susans.  They're amazing.

Also love cake stands...

Menu storage? Why not?

This is starting to happen in our hall closet currently...

Finally, this is my favorite of the week.  So basic and brilliant all at once!

Happy organizing loves!

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