Apr 25, 2013

Fashion Friday... early!

It was 40 degrees yesterday morning. So gross.  I refuse to believe it is cold out and insist on wearing white pants and open toes in protest.  Probably not the best way to protest but I'm standing my ground.

Gap tee, AG denim, random necklace

JCrew shirt, Banana Republic denim, Tory Burch sandals, JCrew necklace

AG top and denim, Vera Wang flats

On that note we are off to sunnier weather and some R&R!  Be back next week!

(maybe next time I can get my biz together enough for some guest posts!)

Apr 24, 2013

Healthy Eats

It is a battle to eat healthy all day errryday but I'm trying...

Juice: 1/2 grapefruit, 1/2 lemon, 2 carrots 

Protein pancake (oats, egg whites, vanilla)

My new fave lunch: black beans, corn, tomatoes, onion, avocado, RF feta and Sriracha

Apr 23, 2013

Pretty Smells

Spring is always a good time to talk perfume right? I am a perfume lover.  I have been wearing it since I was little and used to play with my mom's Chanel No. 5.  Since then my tastes have evolved from Victoria's Secret Love Spell to a more subtle, powdery smell.  I have worn the same few perfumes since high school and gradually added a couple of new ones to my rotation.  I also love knowing what other people like and wear.  I'm so nosy like that. Here are my go to's...

I have been wearing Trish McEvoy 3 and 9, and D&G Light Blue since college.  I added Gucci right before our wedding and Chloe not long after that.  I tried the Creed at NM a few months ago and fell in love with it.  It is definitely my very special occasion scent.

I love displaying perfumes on a pretty tray and rotating them out.  I always store them in a closet where it is dark and cool if I am not using them daily so they don't go "bad."  Here is what I have out currently:
I have a random bottle of Shi by Alfred Sung that I have been using too.  Another college fave!  

I found some adorable trays that I would display the rest on...|tray|36|best|0|viewall|24||20&cm_src=PRODUCTSEARCH||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Tray-_-|tray|36|best|0|viewall|24||15&cm_src=PRODUCTSEARCH||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Tray-_-

How do you display your sweet smells?  What are your favorite scents? Share!

Apr 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

Oh Monday... you came in with a bang.  We spent this weekend in Virginia visiting Avery and Greyson's cousins (so fun) and came home to Monday.  After a one hour detour driving home last night and a super extra late night arrival we discovered our internet had reset and was completely down.  Then after a way too short night's sleep, we woke to no water in our house.  Needless to say, Avery scrambled off to school with some vicious breath this am.  However, after such a fun past few days a rough morning is worth it!

We started off with a trip to the zoo to see the sea lions...

then followed up with a quick mani date...

and our first breakfast at the table together!

We drove a lot and ate a TON of carbs (oops!)

We played, and played and played some more...

tried to take some cute pictures unsuccessfully...

made a quick Lilly pit stop...

and all conked out!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Apr 19, 2013

Beauty Must Haves

Happy Friday everyone!  It's no secret that I am sort of a beauty/makeup/product hoarder.  I could forego clothes shopping just to always buy new beauty products.  It is also probably physically impossible to use all of these products... Here are some of my latest purchases:

Let's break it down...

Nars Highlighter
I love highlighter.  It may be my favorite make up item since I discovered it in my first days working at Neiman Marcus.  This is the first powder highlighter I have tried and it doesn't give quite the same effect as liquid, but I like the sheerness and subtle glow it gives.  Plus, I love Nars packing.

YSL Touche Eclat
This is an awesome lightweight concealer that covers up those pesky under eye circles without being heavy or cakey.  It literally glides on with its brush head and after a few taps of your fingertips blends in.  Perfect on those days when all I have time for is under 
eye concealer!

Make Up Forever HD Powder
I had been hearing about this finishing powder forever and generally never thought about adding this extra step to my routine but I am glad I did!  My face makeup stays on all day with a small dusting of this!  It makes my face look more even and more than I have words to describe.  This is a must have!

Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Serum
Just a couple of drops of this serum under my lotion makes my skin feel more moisturized, plus it has anti-aging benefits which I cannot get enough of.  Anti-age me!

Creme de la Mer The Eye Concentrate
I have a bunch of samples of this eye cream and it is my new obsession! It makes your undereyes feel magical.  Yes, magical.  The price tag is brutal so I may be scouring eBay for this bad boy, but a tiny bit goes a long way!

Cle de Peau Concealer
This is one of those cult beauty products that you always hear about, especially from celebrities, and never seem to find.  Luckily, Neiman Marcus carries it so I decided to try it.  Clearly, I am on the hunt for the perfect under eye fixers.  This concealer is amazing. AH-MAZE-ING.  I also think it is going to last me a very, very long time judging by the amount in the container.

Any new finds to share?  Please do!

Apr 18, 2013

Avery's Room Updates

Remember when I showed you the current state of Avery's room here? Well, we finally snazzed it up, organized it and made it an even happier little lady space.  Avery had all of the input and picked out the light, bedding, pictures, dresser knobs, etc.  She had QUITE the opinion on everything and I am sure that in six months she will have a new opinion on it all!  Got to give credit where credit is due! Here we go...

 The rug was a hand me down from my parents.  I am dying to get her a turquoise comforter to match the colors in it but she isn't quite as into that as I would like her to be...

This bookcase was a random Target find a few years ago.  I think it really broke the bank at $30.  I'm thinking a cute wall paper on the back of the shelves would really jazz it up!

Her comforter choice...

Avery picked out these prints on Etsy and I love them!

I made that wreath when I was 765 months pregnant with Greyson....

We picked these knobs out at Michaels.  They were 50% off and I had a coupon so eight cost less than $10.  This is an old, generic Ikea dresser that we fancied up.

Antiques and some home made art work.

Photo shelf and some of my little lady's favorite items!

Beauty station

This is a horrible picture but her chandelier reminded Avery of Cinderella's coach.  It is actually off white and very light...

There you have it! Decorating a la a four year old's vision!

Hey Lauren Rene
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