Apr 4, 2013

Around the House

Happy Thursday friends! Today should be focusing on some awesome, huge room organizing project I have done, thereby successfully achieving my New Years Resolution.  However, I have home decorating/organizational add lately.  I start one project then see something else I could be/should be doing and start on that and while I am doing that another project comes to mind that I move on to and so on and so on... Never ending cycle.  I need to focus!  Here are some of the little tweaks I have been working on/walking away from/possibly going to finish in the near future...

I'm trying to make a bar area in a nook in our living room.  Space is limited so glass storage is limited.  Unless I get my hands on a really cute bar cart...

Ignore our hideous thermostat.  I love this antique mirror that was a wedding gift and antique print of my grandmother's.  My mother-in-law gave us an awesome printer block drawer that I want to hang next to this and fill with seashells we collect.  It is going to be my little antique-y wall.

This is on the wall directly across from the above.  I moved around pictures until I came up with a grouping I like.  I still can't decide if I need a fourth and fifth piece to the left of the vertical picture.  Thoughts?

After unsuccessful attempts at storing firewood nicely and out of reach from Greyson I emptied one of the kids' toy bins the other day and stuck the wood in.  I am loving it and now tempted to empty the matching one and store pretty blankets in it.

This is my husband's art (clearly. Philly girl for life) BUT I love the red brick.  I am torn on this secretary desk.  It doesn't fill the current space it is in and I need to find it a new home stat.  This whole area needs to be "fixed."  Sorry hubs.  (The picture can stay.)

Avery's room is almost finished! We finally found a base plate for her new light yesterday so we can get that hung and once I get rid of those blinds we can call it finished!  But now that I am looking at this, I think a new, better matching comforter is in order.  Maybe in a turquoise shade?

We finally hung our wall monogram after almost a year.  For reals.  Talk about dragging our feet. I love all of the little pieces on our dresser but I just don't like this all together.  I think I am going to have to clear this baby off and start from scratch.  Please note that these dressers were my dad's as a child and were given to us in a deep, dark, greenish/turquoise shade.  Eeeek.  I think I should replace the knobs too...

Those are my random thoughts; thank you for letting me spew them out on you, it was very helpful and maybe now I will have some more focus and direction!  Have a fabulous Thursday!


  1. I love the idea of storing firewood in a basket. I think putting blankets in a matching basket is a great idea too!

    1. Thanks Heidi! I think it needs to happen soon, especially since it seems like it will never be warm enough to NOT need blankets!


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