Apr 18, 2013

Avery's Room Updates

Remember when I showed you the current state of Avery's room here? Well, we finally snazzed it up, organized it and made it an even happier little lady space.  Avery had all of the input and picked out the light, bedding, pictures, dresser knobs, etc.  She had QUITE the opinion on everything and I am sure that in six months she will have a new opinion on it all!  Got to give credit where credit is due! Here we go...

 The rug was a hand me down from my parents.  I am dying to get her a turquoise comforter to match the colors in it but she isn't quite as into that as I would like her to be...

This bookcase was a random Target find a few years ago.  I think it really broke the bank at $30.  I'm thinking a cute wall paper on the back of the shelves would really jazz it up!

Her comforter choice...

Avery picked out these prints on Etsy and I love them!

I made that wreath when I was 765 months pregnant with Greyson....

We picked these knobs out at Michaels.  They were 50% off and I had a coupon so eight cost less than $10.  This is an old, generic Ikea dresser that we fancied up.

Antiques and some home made art work.

Photo shelf and some of my little lady's favorite items!

Beauty station

This is a horrible picture but her chandelier reminded Avery of Cinderella's coach.  It is actually off white and very light...

There you have it! Decorating a la a four year old's vision!

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