Apr 15, 2013

Weekend Snaps

Happy Monday lovely friends!  Did everyone have a great weekend? I hope so!  The weather was perfect (60ish!) and the sun was out!  I swear I feel like a different person when Spring finally starts to hit.  When Summer finally shows up it is going to be cray cray up in hurrrr!  Anyway, we had a busy weekend! On Friday we popped down to my parents, sipped too much some vino and got way too little sleep.  Worth it.  The next day my bestie boo was hosting a bridal shower for her younger sister.  First of all, I cannot believe she is old enough to get married.  Makes me want Botox.  Second of all, there were the most unbelievably delicious tea sandwiches.  I could have eaten them for weeks straight.  If you live on the Main Line and need tea sandwiches then these are the ones for you.  (that's how it works right?)  After that we packed up and headed to NJ where I dropped my three peeps and a pup off and headed up to Connecticut for a girls' night.  It was glorrrrrious.  The best part may have been the copious amounts of Dinosaur BBQ consumed. Worth every delicious calorie.

On our way out of our development Friday we spotted a wild turkey wandering around.  So random.

What would be a better way to end then with shots of my children sleeping awkwardly in the car? Nothing about this looks comfortable.  

Happy Monday <3 font="">



  1. Wine chugging and showers...our weekends sounded similar! Now if only I had access to some Dino BBQ, so jealous!! Sounded like a great weekend.

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend!! So random but there was a wild turkey walking around my office parking lot the other day- we were all confused! Isn't it amazing how much happier warmer weather can make you- I swear I'm about 10x more friendly and happy once it warms up around here


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