May 31, 2013

Happy Friday friends!  Can you believe May is basically over already?! This heat has been a fun surprise and I have been trying to adjust to summer clothes after months of winter wear.  I got this dress on sale from Piperlime and it was the perfect throw on with wet hair in a hurry and play with the kids outside dress.  It was 90 degrees out and I was hauling around a 50 pound bag of sand and trying to put a sand box together.  I still felt put together, although pretty frizzy and gross by the end.

My mom and Avery picked out this new bracelet for me when we were down at the shore last weekend.  My little lady purchasing me things makes my heart melt into pieces.

Dress : Michael Stars // Bracelets: Chamilia, David Yurman

Happy weekend!

May 30, 2013


Ahhh Thursday... we meet once again.  Friday is so close I can practically smell it!  Well, in this heat and humidity who knows what I can smell.  You may have seen this shot on Instagram the other day, but I figured it deserved a two-parter.  My little man, who has trouble falling asleep anywhere but the hair salon, konked right out in the shopping cart at Whole Foods.  Sitting up.  Until he fell forward.  I was walking around with my cart laughing hysterically while some seriously critical looking people gave me the stink eye.

I also re-organized under our bathroom sink.  I need to find a way to reach all the way to the back and paint that nonsense, but everything looking neat will suffice for now.

I have eaten this same salad for lunch all week and I am currently obsessed.
I sautee one organic chicken sausage (I have the hot italian from Whole Foods right now) with some Sunflower Oil cooking spray for five minutes with some minced garlic.  I add this on top of a bed of spinach, chopped mushrooms, pea shoots (my newest obsession), balsamic reduction, a dash of olive oil and salt and pepper.  Yum!

Finally, I will leave you with this litter gem I found on Pinterest.  Sums things up perfectly.


May 29, 2013

Healthy Eating

Hello lovelies!  I am so loving that this Wednesday feels like a Tuesday.  All weekends should be three dayers.  However (yes, there is a however) I may have gone a tad overboard the last week or so with my food and workouts.  By overboard, I mean stuffed my face with anything and everything and not worked out at all.  Oops.  I guess sometimes you just need to fall off of the wagon to get yourself back into it even more than you were.  Or at least that is what it means for me.  I have been seriously slacking for a few weeks now in the workout and healthy eating department.  My portions have been way OOC and my workouts have been getting shorter and less frequent.  It is due to a mix of schedule changes and travel... both of which I know aren't an excuse.  I have been back to healthy eating - clean and mostly gluten-free for the past couple of days and really stepped up my workouts and I feel great!  It is crunch time since I really wanted to get rid of 20 pounds and actually feel okay in a bathing suit this summer.  Can you all just hold me accountable here ;)

From L to R, top to bottom
1. Tuna with chopped cucumber and balsamic reduction
2. Gluten free pasta with butternut squash sauce (dairy free!) and a kale caesar salad
3. Salmon with a vegenaise sauce, tomatoes and steamed broccoli
4.  Smoothie with ice, unsweetened vanilla almond milk and vanilla protein powder
5. Cucumbers, carrots, hardboiled eggs and greek yogurt dip
6. Eggs over easy and sliced tomato
7. Vanilla fat free greek yogurt with a handful of gluten free granola
8. Everything multigrain bagel thin with tomato, cucumber, pea shoots and vegenaise
9. Kale caeasar with onions and mushrooms

I have also been guzzling these.  I'm trying to get in at least a gallon a day.  It helps me stay full and in the bathroom. (tmi)

But, a girl has to enjoy herself sometime.  I had a bowl of amazingly delicious clam chowder at the shore, doused in Old Bay.  Worth every bite.  I also made the funfetti dip that has been floating around Pinterest.  It was ok... definitely not my favorite.

So that is that!  You should check out Hey Lauren Rene for some healthy, clean recipes and awesome fitness inspiration!

May 28, 2013

Life Shots

Hi loves! I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! I know I was so grateful for all of those who have served so that we could have the freedom to enjoy our Memorial Day.  Here's a little glimpse into what has been going on...

As you can see, we have been on the go lately!  I have a whole lot of laundry and cleaning to catch up on this week.  You can see most of these pictures on Instagram!  Seriously, what did we do before Instagram?!  Have a wonderful week!

May 21, 2013

Baby Gear Favorites

Hi everyone! Today is pretty somber after yesterday's devastating tornado.  I cannot even imagine the devastation and sadness being felt there and I am sending prayers.  On a different note, today is all about more of my favorite children's gear.  I usually end up finding my favorite and most useful children and baby gear through recommendations from other people.  I love to share what I find to be "life changers," because when something keeps kids happy and safe then I become really passionate about it!

These bibs are AWESOME!  They catch most of the food that always seems to find its way to Greyson's lap and under his bum and at the end of the meal I just toss them into the dishwasher or rinse them off in the sink!  

I love the Zoli sippy cups, but I REALLY love these for both kids! They hold a lot more liquid, don't leak, and come with cleaning brushes!

I don't think there is anything that soothes Greyson more in the world than these blankies.  To me, that is the biggest selling point there could be!

I take this thing EVERYWHERE.  I throw it in the diaper bag, my purse, or attach it to the stroller.  Baby wipes are the world's greatest product IMHO so having this on hand at all times is huge.  I carry it around even when I am not with the kids...

These products are all natural and super moisturizing and awesome on Greyson's super dry, irritated skin.  We are loving these so far!

I never used an umbrella stroller with Avery and was super-anti, but now that we have this one... let's just say it is our go-to stroller.  It folds and unfolds super easily and has a carrying strap so when we are hopping on a train to the city we are able to walk through the aisles.  

That's all for today loves! Please pray for Oklahoma...

May 20, 2013

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  We had a surprisingly busy one!  On Saturday I spent a few hours at the salon (insert happy sigh) going a little darker and sipping on mimosas.  Time well spent!

Avery had quite the fashion show later in the day.  She had her cut the day before and I had to bribe her to go to the salon with a ballet outfit.  She also dressed herself like a little Stepford wife with a collared dress and pearls for dinner at her friend's house that night.  We had such a blast hanging out!

Sunday morning, little miss thang and I headed into the city for a girl's day.  I love being so close to New York and being able to go in a couple of times a week with the kiddos now that they are bigger.

It poured.  All day.  It is supposed to keep going all week.  Here are our we are on a train and have been drenched in the rain faces...

Our first stop was the New York Baby Show.  There were tons of booths that covered everything from food, to strollers, to child care and more than I could ever even think of.  Speaking of, if you need a nanny or part time sitter of any kind, check out my fellow KKG's awesome agency, The Nanny League!  We will definitely be using their services!

After the show, Avery and I headed out for a quick mani followed by a late lunch at Alice's Tea Cup.  We both love this place - Avery for the fairy wings and magic fairy dust, and me for the delicious food and tea!

All in all, it was a busy and fantastic weekend! Let's just hope for some sunshine this week!

May 17, 2013

Fashion Friday

Ahhhh it's almost the weekend! The weather this week was all over the place.  I saw 42 somedays and 80 yesterday.  My allergies are also going completely bananas.  Summer I need you! I'm going to hit the hair salon today to pretend my head is summery.  Here's what I wore today and it is all over the map...

Shorts: Loft
Top: Gap
Shoes: Rainbow
Bag: Kate Spade

Dress: Old Navy
Shoes: Tkees
Bag: Annabel Ingall

Shorts & Top: JCrew

Pants: Target
Shirt: Gap
Scarf: Missoni
Shoes: TKees

Pants: Target
Top: JCrew

Everyone was criticizing Gwyneth Paltrow's dress at the Iron Man 3 premiere but the more I see, the more I think she looks kind of awesome.  I mean, I am years younger than her and I can't pull that off.  Clearly this motivated me to order her cookbook.  Haters gotta stop hating!

And then there is Jessica Alba... I mean, could she BE any more perfect? (clearly that is in a Chandler Bing voice.)  Girl crushing on her big time.  I think it is time to order her book too.

Have a great weekend!

Hey Lauren Rene
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