May 21, 2013

Baby Gear Favorites

Hi everyone! Today is pretty somber after yesterday's devastating tornado.  I cannot even imagine the devastation and sadness being felt there and I am sending prayers.  On a different note, today is all about more of my favorite children's gear.  I usually end up finding my favorite and most useful children and baby gear through recommendations from other people.  I love to share what I find to be "life changers," because when something keeps kids happy and safe then I become really passionate about it!

These bibs are AWESOME!  They catch most of the food that always seems to find its way to Greyson's lap and under his bum and at the end of the meal I just toss them into the dishwasher or rinse them off in the sink!  

I love the Zoli sippy cups, but I REALLY love these for both kids! They hold a lot more liquid, don't leak, and come with cleaning brushes!

I don't think there is anything that soothes Greyson more in the world than these blankies.  To me, that is the biggest selling point there could be!

I take this thing EVERYWHERE.  I throw it in the diaper bag, my purse, or attach it to the stroller.  Baby wipes are the world's greatest product IMHO so having this on hand at all times is huge.  I carry it around even when I am not with the kids...

These products are all natural and super moisturizing and awesome on Greyson's super dry, irritated skin.  We are loving these so far!

I never used an umbrella stroller with Avery and was super-anti, but now that we have this one... let's just say it is our go-to stroller.  It folds and unfolds super easily and has a carrying strap so when we are hopping on a train to the city we are able to walk through the aisles.  

That's all for today loves! Please pray for Oklahoma...

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