Jun 12, 2013

Around the House

We have made a serious dent in getting our house "together" in the last couple of weeks, especially in our living room.  Other than a couple of pictures on the walls and our bar area, I would call this room finished.  After a year and a half I guess you could call that progress?  Here is some of what has been changed...

I found this mirror at HomeGoods and it is perfect over our couch on our enormous wall.  We might add a second one underneath.  Thoughts?

I love these bows in our hall way.  However, almost everything in our house is silver or bronze.  I'm wondering if I should paint them to make them blend better.  I bought bronze spray paint so we shall see if I do that or not...

This organizer was an awesome Ikea find.  It currently holds all of Avery's Barbies, doll clothes and doll furniture.  I am thinking a few more of these with some pictures on them would be great for super organizing the play room.  This is the wall between our current play room and our living room for reference.  

I got this boat bookshelf when we were visiting my sister-in-law at Hobby Lobby and I love it!  Such a fun little inexpensive piece that brightens up this whole corner of our living room.  Clearly, we have a nautical theme going on here.  I also love the finish and am thinking about trying to find a stain simliar to this for my next furniture re-do project.  Please share your feedback, I love it!



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