Jun 20, 2013

Flying with Kids

Today let's talk about something random, yet something that affects us all at some point in our lives... traveling with children.  After a couple of quick train rides on Sunday with my little people...

I thought I would share what I have learned over the years and countless flights.  Even if you don't have children, being stuck on an airplane/train etc. with them affects you.  It affects us all!  To avoid having a miserable trip I advise you invest in some great noise canceling headphones.  And perhaps a travel size bottle of children's Benadryl in case you need to offer some to parents of loud and obnoxious children, or, you know, yourself.  For those of us with the potentially loud offenders...

What to Pack
- It is important to pack light.  With kids, there is a tendency to bring one or two of everything in the house. Why? Because if you don't have it, you will need it!  Here is my carry-on packing list for a potty-trained toddler:
* iPad in a sturdy/easy to carry case (we prefer the iGuy)
* One coloring book with a few sheets of plain paper inside
* A very small cosmetics bag filled with crayons and stickers
* Small pillow and blanket (the pillow is her lovie so we HAVE to have it.)
* Dry snacks (goldfish, crackers, fruit snacks)
* One sippy cup

Here is what I pack for a baby:
* 5-10 diapers depending on length of flight/layovers
* Small baby powder (diaper cream has to go in a plastic bag with liquids, too much of a hassle.)
* 2 pacifiers (if using them)
* 1-2 bottles/sippy cups FILLED
* 1 outfit change
* A few small toys
*Stuffed animal or silkie
*Ergo or Baby Bjorn

*Fly during sleep time i.e. red eyes, nap time flights, super early am flights
*Give babies and kids a bottle or sippy cup during take off or landing to help pop their ears
*Wearing your baby will take a HUGE load off of your arms and legs, especially if they are asleep
*Crayons and puke bags are great for making puppets and occupying time when electronics can't be used
*Invest in quality headphones made specifically for children

These are my own personal tips, some of which I learned from our old pediatrician in Los Angeles (love and miss her.)  They may not work for everyone but after carting Avery on over 40 cross country flights before age three and surviving several flights with Greyson I am thinking they help!  I know I don't want to hear a crying child on a long flight, and I know how stressful it is to be the parent with the cranky children so I always try to be understanding of what people are going through on either end.

Please share any and all tips you have!

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