Jul 24, 2013

Burlap and Wood Initial Art

I have been working hard at trying to make our play room more "together."  I'm thinking this is one of those rooms that will never feel done even though it is probably the most used room in our house.  It is the first place we go in the morning and we have to walk through it to get to the kitchen.  My OCD is making it so much worse because toys have got to be the HARDEST thing to organize/make look presentable. Ever.  Period.  So I have taken a break from my organization to try to fluff the room and give it some decorative accents.  

I saw this pin and it gave me an idea on how to put the kids' stamp on the room.

{  What You Will Need  }
Burlap (at least 8 inches wides)
Glue gun
8x10 or up picture frame
Wooden letter
Acrylic paint

{  What To Do  }

1.  Remove everything from the picture frame.  Use the backing of your frame to measure and cut your burlap to size.  I had a roll of vinyl backed burlap I had previously purchased.  I used packing tape to hold it to the frame backing and trimmed it with scissors pretty roughly since I knew the frame would hide a couple of the outer inches.

2.  Smooth your burlap down.  Since mine came on a roll (and I am assuming most will) I put it under a stack of heavy books over night.  Otherwise that bad boy would have just curled right back up.

3.  After you cut your burlap put a coat of paint on your wooden letter/s.  I used a color I already had a foam brush and a regular small paintbrush to get full coverage.  I let it dry overnight than touched it up the next day.

4. Take your glue gun and get glue all over the back of your picture frame.  Attack your burlap to it and weigh down with some books again for a few minutes until it is dry.  Then place into the frame without the glass.

5.  Get lots of glue from your glue gun on the back of your letter, center it and attach to the burlap.  I, yet again, went with a stack of heavy books on top of the letter to make sure it was good and secure.

6.  Hang and enjoy!

This was SO easy to do and I am sure you probably have more supplies on hand than you think for this!  Here is their current home in our play room:

Avery has assigned herself head of bulletin board decorating... so I just go with it.

Happy Wednesday!


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