Jul 29, 2013

Cape Cod Weekend

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I had a girl's weekend away in Cape Cod with two of my girlfriends and it was perfection!  

We hit the beach...

Stuffed our faces...

Enjoyed some delicious muddled berry champagne cocktails while the sun went down...

Sipped some delicious, beach-appropriate vino...

Watched Sharknado purely because it was on and it is SHARKNADO...

Hit up the cutest Christmas Tree Shop ever...

and sipped a few Marylou's coffees!

Lessons learned:

*  80 degrees is THE perfect beach temperature. Hands down.
*  I discovered some delicious new recipes that I need to make.  Yum!
*  Also discovered a delicious new way to enjoy Prosecco AND a tasty new Sauvignon Blanc (see above!)
*  Sharknado is the worst movie. Ever.
*  Iced Hazelnut coffee with soy milk and a touch of sugar is the most delicious way to enjoy coffee.
*  I overuse the word delicious.

Have a DELICIOUS week!

1 comment:

  1. This seriously looks like a dream girls weekend. What a blast!! And it's ok I overuse the word "seriously". Seriously!!


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