Jul 9, 2013

Monday on Tuesday

Hey there Tuesday.  Monday was a bust this week for several reasons including a long power-less Sunday night and a long Monday doctor appointment.  So let's just pretend it is really Monday and talk about this weekend!

The shore was H-O-T!  It hit 100 every day according to my car thermometer and clearly, that is the most accurate gauge.  I let Greyson run around in just a diaper most of the time while Avery made sure she wore multiple layers at all times.  I don't get it.

There was a lot of fishing happening this weekend too.  Josh caught several baby sharks and successfully ended my days of swimming in the Atlantic.  I'm not about to see Jaws go down on our vacation.  

Avery got her first bike (finally!) and Greyson was more into it than she was (of course.)  I know what we will be doing every evening until the snow starts falling.  Too bad I was never good at riding bikes because this poor girl doesn't have any expert advice coming her way. #mommyfail

Lesson learned from my 4th outfit: chevron is NOT flattering or slimming.  Sometimes you just have to do it for the holiday amiright?

Hope everyone had a wonderful, warm, long holiday weekend!

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