Jul 18, 2013


Why oh why do I not have an unlimited budget to buy everything I want for myself, my kids and our house?  Because that would just be no fun! ... right ...  My online shopping has escalated this week with the temperatures because too hot to go outside should equate to sitting in the AC browsing my favorite online stores.  In lieu of that, some of these babies may just be on their way to me.  I"ll just let you guess which ones...

{  Peplum top  }
How adorable is this top?  I saw it in person last week at the mall and am kind of kicking myself for not getting it then.  This would be great for Fall too.  


{  Tye Dye Maxi  }
Love this.  It is more my WhenILivedinCalifornia style than it is now but I keep going back to the site and oogling it.  So flowy and easy looking.    


{  Lilly Pulitzer Carmine Dress  }
I have this dress in an older pattern and it is both flattering and comfortable.  One more wouldn't hurt, right?    


{  Lilly Pulitzer Colleen Romper  }
I just love everything about this.  It couldn't be more perfect!


{  Pottery Barn Kids End of Crib Storage  }
Greyson loves bringing toys into his crib and playing in his room before bed, which would make this handy and great for storage.  I love organization way too much.


{  Monogram Necklace  }
I really don't need anymore monogram jewelry, but this would be so perfect layered with another gold necklace.  I have never gotten over necklace layering.  It is literally my favorite jewelry trend ever (take that arm party!)Stay cool friends!xo


  1. All of your picks are amazing! That tye dye dress is amazing. I can't stop looking at the pretty colors!

  2. Me too! I want it!! Have a great day sweets! xo


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