Jul 26, 2013


If you follow me on Instagram, then this isn't new to you.  However, it perfectly sums up my week. 

It was too hot to go outside last week and now it feels like Fall temperatures and have Avery "too cold" to go outside.  What to do!?! 

I have also been a raging insomniac lately so I decided to try Dream Water.  I tossed and turned worse than ever.  Ugh!  Next up, melatonin?!


I made some homemade marinara sauce the other day.  It was super easy and healthy to make and I feel like there are so many delicious ways to tweak it.  We rarely eat Italian food at our house (oh hey gluten) so I feel like this is all new to me!


Greyson has been a HANDFUL this week.  With 18 months come big changes.  He is now refusing to sit in a high chair and insisting on sitting in a real chair.  I foresee very few meals out in our near future.


Avery is taking her big sister role very seriously lately.  She loves to push Greyson in his stroller.  He hates being in a stroller but is also a total lunatic when I let him free so I think I"ll just let her deal with him...


Greyson has also learned to make demands and climb in and out of the car.  Where is my wine!?

Can you tell it has been a crazy week?!
TGIF friends, TGIF.

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  1. Ugh sounds like we have had very similar weeks...just gotta push on! I suck at sleeping too. Did you see Advocare sells something called Sleepworks? I think I'm going to try some...I'll let you know if it works!


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