Jul 1, 2013

Vacation is O-V-E-R

Heyooooo! It's Monday and I am back at it!  We are done traveling (for a couple of days...) and catching up on cleaning, laundry, work, and life in general.  Today, let's talk travel. Trips, especially long ones, with kids are hard.  HARD.  No one ever tells you that and all of the happy family photos plastered on Facebook and Instagram make you think it's a walk in the park full of sunshine and smiles.  Not with this bunch.  We had fun at the pool until Greyson started melting down from heat/hunger/exhaustion which would lead to Avery melting down at the thought of leaving.  I was that lady with the screaming kids.  We tried to spend time at the beach but apparently both of my children have an issue with that.  Greyson is terrified of the ocean and finds sand extremely delicious.  Avery only likes the pool and cannot picture the ocean as anything similar to a chlorinated pond.  We struggled with sleeping in a place that was not our own, having enough toys to play with, so on and so on.  Yet, how lucky are we that my children are seeing different places at such a young age? I know that this is a stage and with more time they will learn to love travel and appreciate the ability to travel starting so young.  It's a blessing and one I hope that they will one day love.  

 Needless to say, a few adult beverages were necessary by the afternoon evening.  Daily.  Which will lead to another post on the 24 Day Challenge I am doing thanks to the fabulous Hey Lauren Rene.  

We spent our last night at The Mucky Duck where I forced my children to take pictures with me.  Neither was particularly happy about this.

Now I am off to happily clean and do laundry in my home sweet home!


  1. I really admire how often you travel with the kids! I KNOW how much work it is, but I'm glad you had some wonderful moments mixed in with all the chaotic ones! Good luck on your challenge girl...I seriously CAN'T WAIT to read about your progress! You're going to do great!!! xo


Hey Lauren Rene
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