Aug 5, 2013

18 Months

My little guy is 18 months old, and yes, this post is a little delayed because he is a HANDFUL.  He asked me to share a few little fun facts about him in his year and a half of life, and of course, I willingly obliged!

Sometimes I like to snuggle, but I have to be in the right mood or I will push you away or wiggle right out of your arms.  But if I am in the mood then it will be some seriously good snuggling!

I love my blankies and carry them around with me all day.  The only thing better? My sister's Belle skirt.  It is pure soothing, satin goodness.  That and a paci (which I know I am too old for.  We are working on that!) and I am a happy boy!

I used to be a great eater but this last month I decided I am going to be a picky one.  I don't like fruit, vegetables, or protein of any kind.  Carbs are hit or miss. Hummus?  That is always a yes!

I consider myself way too big (maybe too cool?) for high chairs, car seats and strollers.  I'm a big boy, get it through your head mom!

I love my sister.  She is pretty much the coolest person I know and I want to do. absolutely. everything. she does.  Sometimes this means I will sit and eat a meal at a table... Sometimes I might just climb up on a table.

I love Thomas the Tank Engine.  It is my favorite show and I light up when I hear the theme song.  I will sit and watch for hours, often the same episodes over and over.  Never too much Thomas!

I like to sleep on my belly with my ankles crossed, arms tucked under me and my tush in the air all of the time.  My mom takes pictures of me sleeping this way no less than four times a week.

I love trains. LOVE trains.  I play with them all day long, carry them with me wherever we go and even sleep with them.  They are my favorite thing in the world!

And that's a little about me!


  1. Love it when they sleep like that!

  2. Such an adorable post and what a handsome guy!

    The belle skirt cracks me up! I used to like feeling the fringe on dish towels when I was little.


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