Aug 14, 2013

DIY: Hutch Makeover

This post has been months in the making.  Many long months filled with blood, sweat, and tears.  And wine.  When we moved into our house almost two years ago my mom gifted us with this hutch of my grandparents'.  I vividly remember it in their dining room, filled with their wedding china from the 1930's and lots of milk glass.  Luckily, a lot of that milk glass came with it.  Unfortunately, my grandparents both passed away but I was lucky enough to get this piece which will reminds me of them daily.  Unfortunately, before this arrived at our house, it sat in a damp storage unit for years and suffered some pretty major wear and tear.  This was my first time painting and refinishing furniture and it was a LOT of work.  It is nowhere near perfect, but it is done enough to make me happy.

Here is the before shot...

I started by sanding everything on the hutch by hand.  The dark wood and thick stain did not want to come off easily so I went over everything with a coat of liquid sander after.  That seemed to really toughen it up enough to work with.

I put two coats of primer on this bad boy... which took me about a week today.  Is it just me, or does using a paint brush for a long time hurt anyone else's hand?  I tried rolling it, but I wasn't liking the look it was drying with so I went with a brush for the entire thing.

After letting the primer set for two days, I gradually... VERY gradually, painted it with three coats of flat white.  I let it dry for a couple of days in between coats.  I told you, I really took my time with this.  I sanded the entire thing between coats as well, which really helped to get the paint to adhere and get rid of the multitude of paint drops left on it.  I also mixed my paint with Flotrol to help reduce brush strokes.  I think it made a big difference!

I finished with two coats of Minwax Polycrylic sealer, sanding between coats and after the final one.  There is definitely some yellowing but I think I will just continue to sand and touch up where that pops up.

I had my handy husband to help me put the doors back on with their original bronze hinges.  The whole process seemed to warp the doors so he also planed them down to make them fit better.  Now he knows why I keep him around ;)

And here is the after...

I opted not use the to doors to make it more casual and easy to use.  I keep extra cookbooks and decorative pieces on the top shelves with some pictures to make it fit in with our living room better.  The bottom holds our wedding china and extra serving dishes and vases.  It fits perfectly into the nook in our living room and I love what it brings to the room. It is such a great way to display some of our special wedding gifts and vintage pieces.  Plus, I get to think of that weeks of labor I put into it and feel pretty good about myself!

Finally, for good measure, a side by side...

And that is the story of my new (old) favorite piece in our house!


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