Aug 16, 2013

Fa - fa - Friday!

Happy Friday friends!  What a crazy week we have had!  Although my Monday did start like this so I have no reason to complain...

My husband is off for three glorious weeks... of traveling and bathroom renos.  We like to live it up.  Of course, when you are about to travel for a long time and have a to-do list ten pages long what do your children do? Get sick.  Duh.

We have seen a lot of doctors this week.  Luckily, we are on the mend about to spend out day at Sesame Place (wish me luck!)

We managed to squeeze in a movie/dinner date.  I took the cool temps and frigid movie theater air as an opportunity to dress in pajama-esque clothes.  Totally ok, right?

... and a girl's night in the city.  So necessary.

I think this picture accurately describes our week...

And this is what I would like to be doing...

Happy weekend!


Hey Lauren Rene
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