Aug 9, 2013

Life in Pictures

Ahhh Friday, I missed you so!  We have had a busy week, but a really good one minus some allergies and rain!  We start our week with first trips to the dentist, which I survived somehow.  Needless to say Avery now loves brushing and flossing and Greyson runs in fear when I turn the faucet on.

The kiddos (and Dad, ahem) enjoyed some gluten free cupcakes as a reward... maybe as dinner with a side of carrots. 


I started replacing Olive Oil in a lot of my cooking with Coconut Oil and I am kind of in love.  The flavor is so generic you would never know it is coconut (which I don't love) and meats and veggies are extra tender.  Plus, it is SUPER clean!


I successfully managed to get dressed in real clothes every single day this week.  This is a feat I have not accomplish in years.  YEARS.  A big thank you goes out to my children for allowing this to happen!


Avery and Greyson... and I are way into eating our meals outdoors this week.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner - as long as it isn't raining we are eating outside.  Clean up has never been easier and my floor has never looked cleaner!


Speaking of food... I made my all time favorite summer dinner: tomatoes and corn on the cob.  There is nothing better than fresh Jersey corn and tomatoes.  A little Burrata and basil doesn't hurt either!


We finally have new lights for our kitchen to replace the eyesores that were there before.  The previous owner lived the nipple lights.  These pictures are awful but they are up and such an improvement!  Now we need to paint the ceilings, which will probably be one of those tasks I attempt on my own and end up making my husband finish.  Sorry honey!

Now we are off to enjoy our Friday!  Have a happy weekend!

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  1. Nothing worse than trips to the dentist. I think everyone dreads those!

    I keep hearing about switching to coconut oil. Very interesting. I don't know much about it


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