Aug 2, 2013

This is Real Life

What a week this has been! I feel like we have been going NONSTOP.  I am trying to squeeze in lots of time with our sitter before she leaves for college and get in all of the annual doctor appointments for myself and the kids.  Greyson started us off with a haircut.  My goodness this child's hair grows at a crazy fast pace!  Haircuts with 18 month olds are also not that enjoyable, but man do I love the after...

I picked up this pineapple tee at JCrew and wore it with my trusty JCrew chinos.  I love neutrals way too much.  This outfit did not survive a full day with my children (thank you Greyson and your horrible bathroom habits.)  Let's just hope it makes a safe recovery.

Josh and I had a rare date night so I used it as an excuse to dress up, as usual.  

 We had delicious steaks (no picture, I was way too hungry) and ridiculously delicious french onion soup.  Since it was a cheat meal, we finished it off with a warm peanut butter brownie.  I'm STILL full!

I'm off to the gym now to sweat off that dinner!


Hey Lauren Rene
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