Aug 29, 2013

This & That

Happy Thursday tootsies!  I can't believe how fast the last couple weeks of summer are flying by!  We are coming home for a day and getting ready to leave - again.  Before we headed out to the woods this past week we made the executive decision to give my little tiny bebison boy baby his first buzz cut.  I am still not okay with it.  I miss his locks.  However, heading into prime deer tick territory and knowing how much my little guy loves to run around outdoors we thought it was for the best. This one time.  Tear.

. . .
On our way out I decided to try a maple donut.  I'm probably the only person who has never had one.  I like to get on the bandwagon way late in the game.  Greyson ended up eating most of it since DD is clearly not diet or gluten friendly.

. . .
Avery scored herself her first pair of closed toe princess heels.  She has literally been sleeping in them.  I remember falling asleep in my heels several times because I was having so much fun in them (as a grown up...)

. . .
I finally got my Lilly sale goodies! It is the best sale. The best.

. . .
Excuse the creepy close up picture of ma face, but I am trying to branch out with bright lipstick.  I have suffered from a major fear of color on my lips my entire life, save for the frosty lips of the late 90's.  I think this pink is a good little transition.

. . . 
Josh and I squeezed in a date night in New Hampshire and stuffed our faces with so much deliciousness.  My word I love to eat.  I also love dirty martinis that are served with blue cheese stuffed olives.  Vicki Gunvalson really knows what is up with her a good cocktail!

. . .
I saw this adorable dress on the daughter from Revenge and am trying to find something similar for my birthday this year.  Help a girl out if you see anything similar!


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  1. I didn't even recognize her in that last photo! Love that color

    Ticks freak me out so I think you made the right decision. I remember having daily tick checks when I would visit my cousins in rural Missouri.


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