Aug 19, 2013

When a Good Day Goes Wrong

We had planned our first trip to Sesame Place for a while and had Avery so excited and Greyson as semi-aware of it as we could make a one year old.  I researched, used a coupon I just happened to have, packed snacks, extra clothes, towels and anything we would need as efficiently and ahead of time as possible.  Then it all started to go wrong.  First, Josh was not able to come thanks to a bathroom renovation we have been doing.  Second, we were finishing a long week of illness and still had a lot of grumpiness.  Third, we got off to a VERY late start.  (Note that I did not do this alone! I brought my mom.)  We got there an hour and a half after the park opened and the place was PACKED!  

I have no idea why Avery decided she was going to be so sad/miserable/angry over being at a place she had been so eagerly anticipating, but she wouldn't even look around.

No characters, stores, rides of any sort could turn her frown upside down. 

After a VERY somber carousel ride (I have the bite marks to prove Greyson doesn't enjoy waiting in any sort of line) I managed to get a smile out of her before the tea cup ride from youknowwhere started.  Note to self: anything that spins is not a hit with this kid.

By some stroke of luck, while we waited in line for 30 minutes to ride the terrifying teacups, Greyson fell asleep! And he stayed asleep for almost the rest of our time there. Happy dance!

After a calorie-filled lunch (Avery spilled a giant cup of lemonade in the checkout line) we hit up the water park that Avery had cried about not being at yet.  She was absolutely terrified by all of it and refused to go in anything.  Greyson had fun at least!

After some splashing and soothing, we headed home.  Getting out the park was a sobfest because it was just SO fun Avery didn't want to leave.  Oof.  I think it is safe to say Avery is not a fan of amusement parks, and when I trust Greyson not to run away when he isn't in a stroller I think he will love them.  I need any and al tips/tricks/suggestions on how to do these things so what should be one of the best day of their lives actually is!


  1. That stinks! I bet you were happy when you got back home.

  2. OMG I'm so sorry but this post totally just made me laugh...only because I could relate to it so well. I love that you posted this and managed to have a sense of humor about it too. There have been so many days I'm out with the kids somewhere for THEM, and they throw a total fit!!! It's like do you think I wanted to be here, this is for you guys!! Your pictures are awesome too. Oh well maybe next year! :)

    1. Exactly! I love that you get it too! Fun with kids :)

  3. Avery is even cute with a frown!! I wish that little romper came in my size, hehe!

    1. So do I! I wish that about so many of her clothes! Not fair!


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