Aug 12, 2013

Wild Weekend Shenanigans

I bet I had you going with that post title because, my friends we in fact did not have the wildest of weekends, but a perfectly relaxing and productive one!  I am such an OCD freak I enjoy getting things done much more than relaxing all weekend... a big sorry to my husband for that one.  Good thing he is a good sport!

On Friday my mom and my sister in law were here and we had a fantastic girly (plus Greyson) day of lunching and shopping!  My mom got the kids the cutest end of summer outfits at Nordstrom, where Avery had a blast trying things on in the dressing room.  This girl is 4 going on 17.

On Saturday we hit up our favorite family spot: Home Depot.  Josh and I love it because we are wannabe DIY'ers and the kids love it because there is a Dunkin Donuts inside.  Therefore, it is our family happy place.

I trolled around the store in my workout clothes.  Ok, I wore them all day.  I thought I broke that habit, but I am clearly reverting to my old ways.  No shame.

You can always tell when Josh gets Greyson dressed because he will without fail put him into a Red Sox shirt.  Poor babe.  I made up for it by feeding him his lunch while he relaxed on the couch.  I'm really not concerned at all that he is becoming spoiled (insert sarcasm.)

We got so many little projects around the house done this weekend (more on that coming soon!) including trying to clean up the sand land our front porch has become.  No such luck.  These two won't give it up and it has become the bane of my existence and the end of any chance of having clean floors in our house. 

After the kids went to sleep Josh and I had a big fancy dinner.  Yes, that is a baking sheet filled with nachos and yes, that is our kids' table.  At least we had wine and at least we were outside.  

On Sunday Avery and I went to one of my dearest friend's for a pool party but I didn't snap any pics (boo) which is why I need one of these for on the go...

Hope you all had a very happy weekend!

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  1. I love your weekend...especially your fancy date night haha. And a Dunkin Donuts in your Home Depot?!?! That's just not fair...I'd never want to leave!


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