Sep 12, 2013

Beauty: Drugstore Favorites

I love make and beauty products.  I also will spend more money than I should on any product that I think does its job above and beyond.  I think that spending money on beauty products is a better investment than clothing and accessories (gasp!) because what will last longer, your wardrobe or your face?  That being said, I also love a good bargain.  There are also some products that you just don't need to splurge on because the best ones can be found in the aisles of Target or CVS.  This eye roller is fabulous to toss into a handbag or throw on when you're in a hurry in the morning, especially because of its cool touch.  The  Dove body wash is thick, moisturizing and delicious - all necessary for the dry, cool weather to come.  I love to slather on Cerave's moisturizing cream after a shower for the absurd softness it will give you, especially for those of us with sensitive skin.  Another sensitive skin favorite is Eucerin's moisturizing face wash - perfect on the Clarisonic.  At night I rely on Simple's eye makeup remover pads for easy clean up, followed up with Vitamin E Oil to add extra moisture naturally.  When I need to get polish off, I use Target's acetone remover because it works better than any other I have tried, hands down.  Finally, Swisspers cotton rounds are an all-around amazing products for removing eye makeup or nail polish, and blending or makeup touch ups.  

Tell me what you love!  


  1. LOVE Vitamin E oil....I've always used it for my fingers and toes (that are super super dry and cracked for some reason. Seriously, Husband has supple soft skin....should be the other way around, but I digress). I've been using it throughout pregnancy for my belly too. No stretch marks! Yet!

    1. I used it for both of my pregnancies as well and (knock wood) no stretch marks! Why do men get all of the great things like soft skin and great eyelashes?!


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