Sep 25, 2013

DIY: Mini Bulletin Boards

Sometimes the simplest things give the greatest rewards.  As usual, this DIY came about thanks to some intense Pinterest browsing.  We have an end cabinet in the middle of our cabinet, well a few, but that's another story for another day.  This end bothered me.  I also wanted somewhere to hang important notes, pictures, etc. without sticking everything on our fridge.  I happened to have some super cheap Ikea trivets that I never used and was going to toss, extra clips (which never got used. YET.) and white acrylic craft paint.  All necessary supplies to have on hand, obviously.

So this is where it gets even easier.  Seriously.  I painted the trivets with the paint.  I gave them three coats of paint.

Then, when they were dry, I hung them up!

I used Command Hanging Strips which I am obsessed with lately.  I move stuff around too often for nonstop nailing and filling holes in the wall.

I have been using this nonstop.  It is right next to our little "in" basket on our kitchen counter and between that and these it has really helped keep the clutter down and move important items to where they can be seen.

Have a happy Wednesday!


Hey Lauren Rene
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