Sep 18, 2013

Dress Up: An Ode to the Boyfriend Jean

I have a terrible tendency to pass quick judgement on various things in life, only to finally test the waters and become the biggest supporter of whatever it was that I was turning my nose down on earlier.  Great trait, right?  One such subject of this lovely treatment was boyfriend jeans.  They looked baggy, sort of sloppy and kind of like my husband's jeans rolled up at the bottom.  I don't know what happened but I decided on a whim to pick a pair up.  I literally have no explanation as to why I decided to purchase these jeans, but I did, and into my closet they went.  And they sat.  And sat.  Almost the entire summer they sat, until last week.  I finally took them out of the bag and tried them on, and holy magic moment.  Angels started singing.  They were much more flattering that I had expected, fit like a glove, made my whole figure look thinner than my usual go-to skinny jeans.  Most importantly, they were about as comfortable as my favorite pair of sweat pants.  I wore them all day and never itched to take them off.  Then I wore them again.  And again.  And although they are in the laundry pile, you bet I"ll be wearing those bad boys to death.

Love them.  And, yes, I know I already posted that top picture.  I also know I am the most awkward poser ever.  No, not THAT kind of poser.  Mine are from Target.  I mean, TARGET people.  These are gateway jeans.  Here they are with a few other pairs I have been eyeing so I can really step up my game.

Gap  ||  AG  ||  Citizens of Humanity   
Target  ||  J Brand  ||  7 For All Mankind  

The (ongoing) moral of the story: don't judge a book or a pair of jeans by their cover, because, trust me friends, you won't know what you're missing.


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