Sep 19, 2013

Life: Anniversary

Happy Thursday tootsies!

Let me start this off with a shout out to my number one homie, my husband of four years.  What's that? Oh yes, today is our anniversary and we are four years deep.  Rolling in the deep.  Without a babysitter or family nearby this anniversary won't be a big to-do, but it's still a pretty awesome day because I can pull out our over-priced, rarely-looked at, but obviously beloved wedding album.  I can also reminisce on how I spent the majority of the night telling everyone just how pretty I thought I looked.  Not narcissistic at all, nope.  Good thing I don't act/think like that on the daily.  Ah, but good times were had.  Good times were had.  (repeat that last line suuuuper slowly.  It sounds cooler.)

Why can't I wear a frilly, full, confection of a dress weekly, if not monthly?  Seriously folks, once in this bad boy is not enough.  I miss having everyone I love in one room, tipsy on champagne, boogying down to all of my favorite tunes.  I miss that night.  I miss my dress.  I miss my sweet spray tan, because let's be honest, what reason do I have to get one these days? (oh wait, I live in New Jersey...)  Luckily, the one thing I don't  have to miss is my awesome husband!  Speaking of pretty dresses, how about these two beauties I spotted in my celebrity stalking internet browsing this week?

Drooling over both looks.  That sparkly dress screams party princess while the dreamy pink tulle is just heavenly.  Now if you will excuse me while I go do really important things that do not include digging out my dress and twirling around in it like I'm a princess.  

(mostly to my husband today)


  1. Happy Anniversary to you two! You looked stunning and I absolutely am swooning over your celebrity stalking find dresses! Love love love


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