Sep 23, 2013

Life: Weekend Recap

Happy Monday lovelies! I am so happy it is Monday it's not normal.  When we aren't jam packed on a weekend or traveling I just count down the minutes until Monday.  I crave routine.  I'm a total weirdo.  Anywho, we started our weekend with a little anniversary celebration on Thursday night with our favorite little people in tow.  Nothing like a little sushi date for four!  
Best part (besides the food) is always delicious wine.  Oh how I love you wine.  And no, my child didn't eat sushi, just rice and chicken, but he went to town with those chop sticks.  It was like 100 degrees out all day and this is what I wore.  Bad choice.

The next day I went to a baby shower (full of gluten free goodies!)  and the kiddos had some serious daddy quality time.

To finish off the evening, we went to the grocery store.  Because that is how you get crazy on a Saturday night with little ones.  Real life.  Basically, I try to only shop when I know the store won't be crowded and we can't cause a scene.  

Sunday was a wash.  I think I am getting sick (ugh) and didn't feel like doing anything except counting down until Monday.  I did make a giant salad though, so there was that.

Best part of my whole weekend?  Finding this selfie of my kiddos on my photo stream.

This is my new favorite picture ever!
Happy Monday!


  1. Your sushi date looks delicious! And that picture of your two kiddos is SO cute! :) hope you feel better!

  2. Your weekend sounds like mine! And that salad looks delish.

  3. So glad you had a nice weekend....nothing like date night with the kiddos! Story of my life lol. That salad looks amazing!! And that selfie is way too cute!


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