Sep 10, 2013

This is Life

Hello lovelies! Yesterday kicked my butt, hence the lack of post.  We were traveling for our final weekend down the shore and school started yesterday, which added up to a shortage on time.  Things are starting to get back to normal, and hopefully in the next couple of days we will be back to a new version of our pre-summer routine.  As much as I love Avery being in school and the structure and extra time it provides, I definitely am going to miss the warm weather, days spent at the pool and weekends at the shore.  I'm feeling a huge bubble of anxiety thinking about how fast it went by and knowing that next summer will never be the same because both of the kids will be older and different.  It's all so fleeting and breaks my heart sometimes.  As much as I love fall, saying goodbye to summer is so bittersweet.  

So let's move on to happier topics/memories!  Thanks to New Jersey's law requiring pets to be buckled in, Maggie is now riding in serious style.  Also, good children's headphones are definitely a worthwhile purchase if you plan on any long car rides - we love being able to listen to the radio again!

Look at that face!  Do you think this pup loves the good life?

My husband is always fishing when we are at the shore and has caught only sharks.  Sure, that isn't totally true, but the vast majority have been sharks, and yes, they are small, but COME ON.  I will never be sticking my toes in the Atlantic off the coast of New Jersey again.  Things I learned this summer: there are sharks.  LOTS of sharks.

I love watching my babes on the beach, especially when they're not crying about sand being in their eyes, or the water being so cold (not that they're ever allowed in again!) or lack of snacks, drinks, toys, etc.  

We fit in a couple of final boardwalk trips this weekend, as well.  The boardwalk is like Disney World for my children, except in New Jersey.  I love that Avery is old enough to enjoy the rides and all of the cheesy goodness the boards have to offer.  It was fun when I was a kid and now it is fun again with my own kiddos!

After we wrapped up all that fun (and with ALL of the grandparents and cousins too!)  we got ready and started school today!  This is Avery's first year at a new school and final year of preschool.  I cannot believe how fast time goes (here I go again...)  She has been such a little love bug lately and is really growing out of the "angry toddler" stage.  I really am going to miss her when she is at school everyday...

While his sister was at school, Greyson got to enjoy a little one-on-one time with me, which included inhaling his first cake pop (clearly I was throwing back a PSL at the time.)

We are off to run errands and hit school again!  I still cannot believe we are back in the swing of things again!

Have a fabulous day!


  1. Thanks for that info about the sharks I go to the beach in RI and I might think twice about putting anything other than my toes in next summer.

    So how do you buckle a dog up? Does she like it?

    Sounds like an awesome weekend! Good luck with getting back into your routine.

    1. I'm hoping it is only a NJ thing because we haven't seen any when we have been north. We had to buy the dog a special harnass that clilps around the seat belt. She tried to chew her way out the first few times but she is better about it now - still not a big fan though!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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  3. haha the angry toddler thing made me LOL...maybe why I miss Nathan while he is gone at school too. He is becoming more civilized ha. It looks like you wrapped up your Summer in the best way possible...and that shark...OMG are you kidding me?! Hope you enjoy getting back into a routine!

    1. Thanks mama! As soon as one gets out of that stage there is another one starting ;)

  4. The buckled pet thing is both a little strange and probably a good thing, depending on your animal I guess. The kids look so adorable!


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