Oct 2, 2013

Beauty: Clean Your Make Up Brushes

Ok ladies, do you know what is one very important step we are all forgetting to do? Cleaning our makeup brushes regularly.  I have to remind myself to do this, but when I do it frequently it makes a huge difference.  I break out less, have no random bumps on my face and no itchy eyes.  Think of all the random gunk that can build up on those pricey little poufs.  All of that ick transfers to your skin, eyes, pores, etc. every time you apply your makeup.  Yuck!  Once a week I try to do this cleaning routine...

1.  Tools: a cup full of warm water, brush cleanser or natural dish soap, a washcloth or small towel, dirty brushes
 . . .

2.  Pour a few drops of your cleanser into your water and mix.
 . . .

3. Swirl a couple of brushes around in your water a few times.  Get them good and clean.  Yes, that water will turn some funky colors.
 . . .

4. Rinse your brushes in cool water.
 . . .

5.  Lay brushes flat on your towel and allow to dry overnight.  I usually do this right after I apply my makeup so they are ready for me the next day.  Those big fluffy ones need a lot of time to get good and dry.

How easy is that?  I notice a huge difference in the skin on my cheeks and under my eyes especially when I do this.  Oh, how I love to clean EVERYTHING!


  1. Thanks for the reminder and tips- mine haven't been cleaned in who knows how long!

    1. I have to write it in my planner too or I forget a lot!

  2. I use baby shampoo on my brushes and it works insanely well. A saleswoman at Saks shared that tip with me!


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