Oct 30, 2013

Fashion: Fall Flats

I love summer and 75 percent of the reason why is because I can wear flip flops every where or some version of a comfortable sandal.  Comfort on my feet is key.  I would rather my shoes feel comfortable over any other article of clothing or body part.  Ever since I had children, these dogs are barking at the mere mention of a stiletto or narrow strap.  It's not pretty but I have to embrace it.  Thank goodness for fall and the delicious flats it lets me wear (once that is it hot/is it cold out confusion finally passes.)  Don't get me wrong, I would wear sneakers all day if I didn't think I looked totally ridiculous, but there are so many adorable and comfortable flats available that I can feel much more comfortable and put together without breaking the bank.  That's right ladies, none of these beauties are over $65!

clockwise from top left
Steve Madden  ||  Topshop  ||  Sole Society  ||  Target

I am loving all of the patterns, textures and fun colors that I don't want to spend a ton of money on... because I will probably hate them next year.  All I wear are flats.  See below for proof.

Happy shopping!


  1. I'm a flip-flop and sandal girl too. I wear heels to church, or to dress up fancy but I'm usually itching to get back in my flats. Before kids, I could rock a heel with no problema - not anymore!

    1. Pre-kids heels were more comfortable than flats! Oh how things change!

  2. The only time I wear heals is when I go out or when I'm at work. Otherwise flats for me too!

    1. I miss having a reason to wear heels often! But I still adore flats!

  3. Love the outfits!

    Come stop by

  4. I hear you girl! I'm a flip flops and flats girl all the way. Love your jeans in your first pic- where are they from?


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