Oct 9, 2013

Fashion: Pinterest Inspiration

I used to love to pour through InStyle, Vogue, Elle, and so on every single month.  Every issue, every month! I laugh at the thought of that now... as I gaze on two years of unread issues of Coastal Living piled up next to me.  I still love gazing at pretty outfits and thank goodness for the creation of Pinterest I can do it anywhere, anytime from my phone or iPad.  How else in the world am I supposed to get dressed on a daily basis?!

I am so excited to break out my fall wardrobe hopefully soon! Follow me on Pinterest here!


  1. I love magazines... but never really have the chance to read them! I'd rather be perusing Pinterest.
    I finally broke out a sweater to wear today, bring on the fall!!

    1. I am so jealous of your sweater-wearing! I am counting down the seconds... and for boots!


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