Oct 10, 2013

Life: Avery's 5th Birthday

Today is one of those super happy slash super sad days that comes only once a year... Avery's birthday.  I love her birthday because she is so happy and excited and every little thing makes her giddy.  I'm super sad because my baby is one year older and never going to be the same as she was before.  I know they tell you that "it" goes fast, but they don't tell you just how fast.  I swear she was just born and I was rocking her to sleep and wondering how she could ever be old enough to walk and talk.  Now she yaps nonstop and runs circles around our house all day.  And spells words.  And makes jewelry.  And writes her name.  And makes her bed.  She is a true little girl.  All of her toddler-ness is gone and has been replaced by true child-ness.  I know those aren't things, but trust me, they're real.  
1st Birthday

2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday

4th Birthday

5th Birthday aka this morning

Four was not the easiest year thanks to a lot of sass and tantrums, but there were so many sweet moments and I love you's that I am sure I will forget all of the rough stuff in days.  There were so many hugs, and cuddles, and air kisses (her personal favorite), secret handshakes, and questions.  Always lots of questions.  She still struggles with sleeping at night and the occasional tantrum or meltdown, but all of the low moments are forgotten with how much she loves to play with her brother and tell us she loves us.  I hope she keeps that sweetness forever!  It seriously blows my mind how five years has gone by in the blink of an eye and I am so happy I have this blog to look back on and watch my baby grow.  I love my little lady so much! Happiest birthday to the best little girl I know!



  1. She sounds lovely!! Happy Birthday Avery!

  2. She is too cute and she seems like so much fun and all girl! Happy Birthday Avery!

  3. This is such a sweet post, Lindsay! I know there must be so many ups and downs of motherhood and it isn't always easy, but those sweet moments, cuddles and "I love yous" definitely make each of those times well worth it, and I am sure they really do grow up too fast! That said, Avery is just beautiful and you have a lot of to be proud...I hope her birthday was oh so happy! :)


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