Oct 14, 2013

Life: Weekend in Photos

What is it about fall weekends that wipe you out? Or is that just me? I am always so sleepy on the weekends in the fall.  Winter, spring, summer? Nope.  We were scrambling to get ready for Avery's party (more on that later) and trying to finish the ten million projects around our house we are working on.  And I spent way too much time napping, sleeping, and laying on the couch.  Thank goodness I have snuggly kids!

I am now obsessed with doing Greyson's hair.  Can't get enough!

Greyson has been fighting his naps daily and then ends up passing out in the late afternoon, usually in a shopping cart while we are running errands.

My birthday treat to myself!

Pinata stuffing 101

Greyson had his allergy tests this week.  Mostly good results!

Mini cupcakes are a beast to make.  Probably will not be doing this again unless I use a pastry bag to fill the cups.

That time my mom almost got my children a power wheels... luckily we walked out without one!

Face painting success!

If you are going to go way off the rails on your diet and not care about gluten, then a Wawa hoagie is the way to go.  It is best followed up with...

Five Guys. Duh.

Back on the wagon today!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

p.s. Antonia & Laura I'm sorry I totally blew it!


  1. Cute pics of your kiddies!!! Your watch is gorgeous and your cheating food looks delicious!!!!

  2. love seeing all of these precious pics!! and that stinkin CUTE!!!!
    my mouth watered a bit when i saw the 5 guys pic. thank goodness it's dinner time!

  3. Five guys is the bomb. I dream about their burgers! Love that watch-happy birthday!

    1. Thank you! Five Guys is so ridiculously good! I need to stay away!


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