Oct 24, 2013

Life: Whatcha Reading?

I have always been an avid reader. I love reading books and magazines.  Unfortunately these days, any magazine that isn't Us Weekly ends up in a pile rarely being read (priorities! Celeb gossip always comes first!)  Actually, I read all of my Us Weekly's when I am doing cardio at the gym.  Anyone else one of the few workout readers?  Weird habit!  Phew I am all over the place here today! Anyway, back to the beginning.  I love reading and 99 percent of the time I read in bed before I go to sleep.  Let's be serious, when will I ever get a chance to sit down and read during the day time if I don't have a baby to nurse? (that is how I read the Hunger Games trilogy during Greyson's first month. TMI. Sorry!)  I don't think I have ever gone into a bookstore (Kindle store) and picked a book at random.  Every single book I have ever read has been based on a friend, acquaintance, or otherwise noted recommendation.  I also rarely read a book start to finish save for my teeny bopper favorites trilogies (Hunger Games and Twilight I'm looking at you!) and usually have a stack of currents to pick from on my nightstand.  Here is what is going on right now...

I adore this book.  I have read a lot of healthy/food/diet books but this one is really changing how I look at food and how our bodies operate based on it.  It makes me want to juice!

I just started this (it was a birthday gift!) and am very interested to see where it goes.  I am really interested in natural products and living a "cleaner" life.  I need all of the info/help I can get!

Because I love Tinsley (rip her reality show) and all things southern and girly.  I also like to shut my brain off for a bit sometimes... Did that even need an explanation? 

I love LC.  This series is not the same as LA Candy, but I read because I am always team LC!

I just finished this book and it left me so mad when it was done.  I stayed up way too late to finish basically the entire second half one night.  So mad!

I love the Honest Company and I love JAlbs.  Some parts of this book have annoyed me (honest style? Really?) but it is overall pretty informative!

So that is what I am doing every night!  P.S. half of these are on my Kindle.  What did we do before Kindles?!  Happy reading!


  1. I need to get Honest Life and the rest sound good too. I loved Gone Girl but hated the ending!! I'm currently reading a bunch of parenting/baby sleep books but I'm trying to squeeze in a few non baby books where I can

    1. Get Honest Life, it's awesome! I am addicted to their products now! Which sleep books are you reading? I feel like I have read them all ten times :/

  2. I wish I found the time for reading again...nothing better than getting lost in a good book! I suck at reading blogs so what makes me think I can read a book? lol (trying to catch up now!)

    1. Haha you're a busy mama! I swear I only read when I get in bed at night because there is no other time ever!


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