Oct 8, 2013

Little Ones: What to Feed the Kiddos

Do you know what is one of my biggest challenges on a daily basis? Feeding my kids.  I know that really isn't a challenge and something I do enjoy doing, however, these two tend to be absurdly picky and I am always looking for new ideas to feed them healthy food.  If they could, they would eat nothing but cookies, potato chips and straight sugar all day every day.  I snapped a bunch of pictures of their meals lately because what else is the best way to get ideas then share them and really hope someone else does too!  Kate has posted some awesome kid's meals lately, so make sure you check her out too!

I make a batch of granola balls pretty frequently and both kids will snack on these.  I love feeding them these over a packaged granola bar, but I often keep a couple of the packaged ones on me just in case we are out and about.

Dried bananas, string cheese and whole wheat crackers.  Sometimes we have some grapes or different cheese and pretend it is a wine and cheese soiree.  I drink the wine (obvs.)

Carrot slices and hummus.  Avery eats just the carrots, sometimes with ranch dip, but Greyson will go to town on hummus.

Why is this sideways? Steamed carrots (hit or miss with them), strawberries and tater tots.  

Cucumber, tater tots, strawberries (this is Avery's, the above was Greyson's.)

A favorite snack or breakfast - apples and grapes!

Blueberries, pita chips and carrots.  (they like carrots, can you tell?)

Whole wheat bagels with cream cheese and banana slices

Whole wheat bagels with cream cheese and sliced watermelon

These two tend to eat a lot of the same things over and over again.  I try to get veggies in for lunch and dinner, not always successfully.  I also feed them lots of fruit (full of natural sugar I know) but it is better than processed food in my opinion.  Tell me what you feed your little ones so I can get some more ideas! We are seriously on repeat over here lately!



  1. love this! we are nut-, sesame- and dairy-free (except baked into foods) so we can't do hummus, cheese etc but we do homemade pancakes with grated zucchini hidden in them, whole wheat toast with apple butter, multigrain toaster waffles, tons of fruit, turkey burgers, turkey meatballs, and asparagus (of all things.. she loves it). love the pics. your kiddos are lucky to have you as a mama! tater tots are a good idea.. i'm going to try that!

    1. Is she ok with eggs now? I don't know how you deal with allergies but it is so awesome how well you do! Rockstar! I love the idea of the zucchini in it! Thanks Britt I love you :) p.s. Tots are from Trader Joe's... seems healthier?

    2. she can have eggs and milk if it's baked into foods like meatballs, pancakes and even birthday cake!

  2. We eat the same around here too - a lot of fruits, veggies and breads with cream cheese. My kids aren't too picky. Have you tried making smoothies for them? My kids LOVE them!

    1. I haven't tried smoothies for Greyson yet, but I definitely think I will! It's so hard to get in a greater variety of fruits and veggies!


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