Oct 16, 2013

Workout Wednesday

I haven't done a workout post in forever and this week seemed like the perfect time!  I have a pretty set workout schedule these days, including my newest favorite workout...

A friend of mine introduced me to Barre 3 and I love it! I can only make it there once a week and I am trying to make it twice a week, but I LOVE it.  (all caps kind of love!)  The class flies by, I don't feel like I am working insanely hard, but I know that I am.  It involves a lot of concentration and small movement.  I always feel it after I leave the class.  I can't even describe how much I am loving this workout!  It is such a great complement to weight lifting and cardio.  I would do this six days a week if I could!

Speaking of workouts... I found some really cute workout clothes at Old Navy recently thanks to my brilliant friends.

Have you tried any barre workouts? What do you think?  Please tell me you are as obsessed as I am!


  1. I love love love love LOVE {all caps love} Barre classes! I aim to take 2-3 a week and I lucked out when my gym started offering them as part of the membership. I am pregnant with my 3rd and I love how it will still be a doable workout for pregnancy. I grew up dancing, so it's great to wake up those muscles again....and yes, a great compliment to a cardio and strength-training schedule!

    1. I'm so glad you love them too! I am also so jealous that your gym offers them!

  2. Love the Old Navy outfits. I really need to be better about working out. I'm just so tired from the kids all of the time, I'm lazy!

  3. girl, i said when i moved to wilmington i was going to join pure hasn't happened yet. need to bit the bullet and DO IT!!!!! thanks for the motivation, love.


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