Nov 15, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday lovelies!  I'm linking up with so many fabulous bloggers for Five on Friday again!

 1.  Jessica Alba's Dress 

This dress.  I die.  It is literally one of the most perfect gowns I have ever laid eyes on.  I just need to figure out how to get my hands on this... and possibly have a reason to wear it.  Would I go back, do my wedding all over and wear this gown? You betcha!  Sometimes you just spot something so gorgeous you know it will bring you happy, fashion-filled thoughts to get you through those gloomy sweatpants and messy hair kind of days!
. . .

2.  Little girl fashion

We gave Avery this sparkly little purse as a birthday gift and she has been carrying it with her everywhere.  She almost always has gum, chapstick and an old cell phone in it.  It is so sparkly and sweet and makes me miss childhood and appreciate hers even more.  It really is the little things isn't it? 
. . .

3. White pumpkins

 For some reason I have never bought a white pumpkin before this year and now I am hooked. I have sick, twisted fantasies of a slew of white pumpkins in various sizes on our porch next year and a white pumpkin and silver tablescape for Thanksgiving.  It's a downward spiral I tell you!
. . .

4.  DIY Wall Art

 We just moved Avery's room all around and had some suddenly naked wall space.  How to solve the problem when you have a very picky child (and mother.  Maybe.)  and way too many Ikea frames on hand?  Give your five year old a paintbrush and some mommy-approved paint colors, leave the room, pour yourself a glass of wine (a big one) and hope for the best.  The art is fabulous.  The paint stains on my kitchen table? Not quite as fabulous.
. . .

5.  Fireplace Season

I am certain I would not buy my dream home if it did not come with a fireplace.  I love fireplaces.  Like creepy, stalker, try to make my husband light one nightly kind of love.  We used our fireplace for the first time this past week and now I want more! Every night!  It is more soothing than a bubble bath before bed.  As Britney so eloquently put it: gimme more!

That is my week in a nutshell... or the best parts I can remember!  Have a happy weekend loves!


  1. That dress is GORGEOUS! Wow! Jessica Alba has great style. Your daughter's paintings came out too cute and I think your white pumpkin porch dream sounds awesome!!!!

    Have a great weekend! Xo

  2. LOVE white pumpkins, I need to get some for Thanksgiving!

    1. I adore them! I am so excited to use them for Thanksgiving! I may have stocked up ;)

  3. how beautiful and sweet of an idea is that?! those paintings are so wonderful and precious! what a lovely idea!!! and i'm dying over jessica alba's dress. it's the perfect pink color!!!

    happy friday, love! xx

  4. Loving the color of Jessica Alba's dress! As for fireplace is one of the best times! :)

  5. Totally obsessed with white pumpkins too! I'm going to need your help tomorrow...I'm posting 5 dresses for my 5 on Friday and I suck at fashion so please help me pick (one was actually pink but I got scared of it haha). This Jessica Alba photo is making me change my mind!


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