Nov 8, 2013

I Heart Links

I ran into some seriously awesome links this week you guys! Such a great way to end the week, looking back on everything that made me laugh/cry/gag...
I agree with almost of all of these.  Only if I could go back and hand this list to myself then.  Life goes way too fast...

This is so interesting and important to remember, especially during a bad day when things really aren't all that bad after all.

Because Wegmans is the best. Duh.
This is hilarious!  A cat dress as a shark riding a roomba? Amazing!
This woman is so awesome and so inspiring and can make you rethink your attitude on so many things!
No more Samantha or Molly?  What's next, no more Oregon Trail? (yes I know it is long gone.)

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


  1. Wegmans really is the best grocery store ever! I love that video of that doctor dancing before her surgery. I'm so sad about the American Girls- I had Kirsten and I loved her story!! My sister had Samantha.

    1. We just got the new catalogue and I am the mean mom who won't let Avery have one. The old ones were so much better!

    2. I don't blame you! The old ones were much better and you could justify spending the money on one because it had a history lesson with it :)

  2. I just cried watching the OR flash mob. What an inspiring woman. Going to nursing school and also aspiring to work as an OR nurse made this all the more wonderful to me. I also loved the things you should know at 18. I agree that classes can be retaken; life cannot. So inspiring.

    1. The OR video is so amazing. That woman is my new hero. I want to try to have her attitude towards all things going forward. Hope you're having a great weekend!


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