Nov 14, 2013

I Heart Links

These pictures are crazy and probably so true!  I mean, does a fairy tale princess expect it to stay that way forever? Well, yes! Don't we all?!
. . .

This just explains so much in my life. SO much.  I can say that almost all of these things seem to have happened to me at some point.  Oof.
. . .

This is so moving.  The back story and the makeover this man undergoes can bring you to tears.  It is so special and gives me such a good reminder about being good to and for others.
. . .

As a hardcore Instagrammer, I think this is spot on and hilarious!  
. . .

I think this is a fantastic list! Of course, not all of it is necessarily something to agree upon, but what about all of those little things you never think about?

. . .

Happy reading lovelies!


  1. I LOVE links, too, and had not seen these...thank you for sharing them! Loved the homeless man's transformation and it broke my heart that he was a vet and then living on the streets, but so glad he's getting his life back! And the Instagram filter one...AWESOME...what a cool idea! :) Hope you are well, Lindsay, and thanks for your sweet comment, as always! <3

    1. So glad you liked them!! Have the happiest weekend! xoxo


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