Nov 18, 2013

Life: Weekend in Pictures

Happy Monday dolls!  This weekend was jam-packed and so fun!  We took a quick road trip for some family and friend time.  I love a busy weekend because it feels good to go, go, go for a couple of days then get back to your normal schedule.  I know, I'm weird.  We started Friday morning off super early with bagels and Mickey for these two.  It was apparently all very serious business...

We squeezed in some holiday shopping and saw way way WAY too many holiday decorations.  And Santa.  I just can't get ready for the holidays before I do Thanksgiving.  I need my holidays and seasons compartmentalized.

I also realized that I have one go-to night out look. I literally have worn this three times in the last month.  I also keep my mouth open when I take pictures of myself.  

We had an awesome date night with some of the most delicious food and a gluten free menu!  Perfection!

We got in a couple of train rides on Sunday which made my train-loving little man so ridiculously happy.  

And I got my first Peppermint Mocha of the season.  Sorry PSL!  Avery also wanted me to snap a shot of her nails.  She's a blogger in training!

One of our meals out consisted of my son eating butter.  Just butter.  Nothing else appeased him.  At least he only had one pad of it?

Speaking of awesome weekend accomplishments like butter-eating and Starbucks-chugging, my brother and sister-in-law ran the Philadelphia Marathon!  I lived vicariously through them and counted it as my workout for the day.  Legit, right?

Finally, Avery finished her weekend off with a bowl of spaghetti.  The sights and sounds of my little girlfrand housing her noodles is special.  Just special.

And that is that!


  1. I love peppermint mochas - I've been cheating on PSL for weeks now :)

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone ;) Hope you're having a fabulous day! xo

  2. such precious pics. yay for train rides and peppermint mochas!!
    happiest monday, lovely!

  3. I'm still drinking PSL... not ready for the holiday flavors yet! I used to love eat straight butter when I was a kid, so weird I know. Tell Avery her nails look fabulous!

    1. Avery says thank you! I wish I could eat straight butter now but I don't think my thighs would like me :(

  4. Those kids are just too cute! Love your night-out outfit :)

  5. Ummm you did all this in one weekend? You might as well have ran the marathon! :) I was totally laughing over the one outfit to wear out at night...that is SO me. Looks like a really fun and busy weekend!


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