Nov 25, 2013

Life: Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! Please excuse my unplanned little break.  I just wasn't feeling too much of anything last week ifyaknowhatImean.  We have been jam-packed with activities and traveling, and some nice person stealing Josh's car, so I am totally off my game.  And the weather this week... oh my word.  It was warm, then rainy, then freezing.  I don't even know how to dress anymore!

On Saturday, we took the kids to ride on Thomas.  I have never seen Greyson so happy in his little life.  This kid lives for trains and he didn't care that it was frigid out because he was too busy squealing with excitement.

The train was out in Amish country and the kids were totally thrilled with all of the horses and buggies (boogies according to Avery) driving past us and farm work being done.  The little things are always the best things.  We went to a buffet - which, if you know me, is not something I love - and this was what Avery chose to eat...

That girl cracks me up.  My glitterific Matt Bernson bootie finally arrived!  I was so giddy when the UPS man rang my doorbell.

This is a horrible picture but you get the idea.  Glitter makes everything better. Duh!

Have a happy week!


  1. Stolen car? That's awful!! Greyson looks so excited!! Love those botties- glitter!!

  2. I missed your posts!!!!! Fun weekend and I'm so happy you got those cute glitter boots!
    Sorry about the car - that sucks!

  3. Sorry about the car!! My sister had her SUV stolen right out of her driveway. So awful..and insurance companies pretty much screw you over. I'm lovin' the boots! I remember taking my little man to the Strassburg railroad when he was little and he LOVED it!

    1. That's terrible! We grew up going there and I can't believe we are already taking my little ones there!

  4. eeeeeeek those booties are AMAZING!! and what sweet, precious memories on Thomas the Train! BLESS!!! so special! xx

  5. Avery's food choice looks oh so yummy, and go her for picking lots of veggies, too...and your new booties are super cute! :)


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