Nov 13, 2013

Shopaholic: Workout Wants

My workout wish list is always way too long, but I think that is okay because I spend a lot of time wearing workout clothing... whether or not I am actually doing tons of working out is a totally different story! The FitBit Flex just came out in pink and I LOVE it.  I have a FitBit One, which I love, but I think the wrist band would bring it to a totally different level, especially when there is no where to attach the One to.  Plus, it's pink. Duh!  This Lululemon Tank is so stinking cute! I love stripes, pink and swinging tops, which makes it a complete win! Speaking of Lululemon, how cute is this Earwarmer?!  It would be great for all of this snowy, absurdly cold weather we are having!  This Hard Tail Tank is so adorable I could wear it all day long and not feel like I was looking like a gym rat at all! It is also on sale right now!  It would look cute with the pink Nike Zoom sneaks!  Nike has been stepping up their running shoe game big time lately! Although they may clash with the Nike Capri Sweats... but I love a good slouchy sweat pant for a non-cardio day, and just everyday general wear.  

If you're wearing cute things to the gym then you feel better about your workout, right ;)


  1. I really need to buy some new workout gear to get inspired again!

    1. I definitely feel like hitting the gym when I come home with new workout gear! It definitely is so motivating! Have a great day! xo

  2. Yup I'll take one of each please...thank you!! I'm loving that pink Fitbit! I'm an UP Jawbone band girl not sure I could make the switch!


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