Dec 12, 2013

Babes: Kiddo Gear We Are Loving

Happy Thursday loves!  I wanted to share some of the goodies and gear the kids and I are loving lately.  Every few months it seems like our list of favorite products change as their ages change.  I live for recommendations from other moms in finding gear, toys, food, etc.

Love these snack cups!  They are a little pricier than most, but they are easy for little hands to get into and therefore easier to fit more than just goldfish in.  I love Oxo's sleeker design look too.  The handle is perfect attaching to a purse or stroller too!

This stroller has made me so happy for a year and a half and with the snowy weather we have been having lately it continues to do so.  Despite the weather, the dog still needs to be walked and this reasonably priced, easy to open, easy to clean and durable stroller powers through the sludge and grudge.  I love it so much.  We love the accessories you can add to it including the standing board and snack tray.  Greyson does too!

We got this for Greyson - who hates, hates, hates the car - and it has been a huge life saver.  I would never be able to get errands done or go anywhere away from home without this.  I can download his favorite shows and movies to the iPad and change it frequently without having to buy DVD's and deal with cords.  Life saver, I tell you!

This easel currently resides in our office and allows me to get some work done from time to time (and few things do.)  It is very price friendly and currently on sale and could be quickly and easily painted.  The giant roll of paper that comes with it amuses both kids to no end and they go crazy coloring giant pictures, some of which are now framed in Avery's room.

These pouches are the staple in Greyson's diet.  Feel free to judge away, I get it.  However, my little man refuses to eat vegetables other than the occasional carrot.  These are his favorite food to ask for and a great way to sneak veggies into his diet.  I also give him green juice and green smoothies to get the veggies in.  Have to be sneaky with this kid!

This book makes my kids so happy.  It is Greyson's but Avery loves it too.  I love the message of being nice and helping one another, but I also love how nicely the rhymes flow to the point that I can rap it.  Ah, good times. Beep, beep, beep!

Share your favorites! I love hearing what other moms are loving!


  1. I kind of want that chalkboard! :)

    1. There is a restaurant down the street from us that has it out as their menu sign!


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