Dec 19, 2013

Christmas Around Our House

So I have seen a ton of blog posts flowing around the interwebs of peoples' holiday decor and thought to myself "clearly your friends and closest strangers want to see your holiday decor before it is knocked around my grabby little hands and overzealous pets."  I won't be offended if you don't agree with that statement, not one bit.  I'm not a huge holiday decorator because I am so OCD about everything, including our home decor and I hate clutter.  Holiday decorating and I don't go all that well together.  

Our hutch is our favorite piece in our living room, so let's start there.  Santa and his ho's.  (not that kind!)

And then Gingersnap joined our family.  This guy and I have a real love/hate relationship right now, but that's another post for another day when I am not so busy plotting a toy elf's activities which inevitably leave me with some clean up and a happy child.

I love this silver tree I picked up at HomeGoods last year.  It may be my favorite decoration.  I also have last year's holiday cards out.  That was a  Pinterest project gone very right, however I can't seem to find the pin now.  

The kid's have their own little tree in the playroom to show off all of the ornaments they have been given over the years.  It is amazing what two mini sized people can accumulate in five years!

Avery insisted on making the tree topper... which I am fairly certain is something broken off a decoration at Target, that she found on the ground and pocketed.  Am I proud/worried/embarrassed/concerned? Yes?

This is our main tree in our living room.  We are high class and have a fake tree.  I am allergic to real trees (nerd voice) so this has to work for now.  I am on the search for a large tin bucket to set it in rather than skirting.  Please note the multiple ornaments featuring a mode of consuming alcohol.  Cheers to the holidays!

I had to bust out my DIY Yarn Trees from last year.  So glad they survived an entire year!  Totally worth the glue gun burns!

Now that I am feeling a lot more back to normal I have been sipping on some serious hot chocolate.  Hey Lauren Rene recommended adding Peppermint Schnapps and I think that needs to happen asap.  

I think this also means I need to stop drinking my calories and start thinking about my New Year's Cleanse!  Stay tuned for a post on that before it starts!

Happy Holidays love bugs!


Hey Lauren Rene
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